Neurotransmitter synthesis in poststroke cortical neurogenesis in adult rats.

  title={Neurotransmitter synthesis in poststroke cortical neurogenesis in adult rats.},
  author={Weigang Gu and C. J. Gu and Wei Jiang and Per Wester},
  journal={Stem cell research},
  volume={4 2},
Neurogenesis occurs in the cerebral cortex of adult rats after focal cerebral ischemia. Whether or not the newborn neurons could synthesize neurotransmitters is unknown. To elucidate such a possibility, a photothrombotic ring stroke model with spontaneous reperfusion was induced in adult male Wistar rats. The DNA duplication marker BrdU was repeatedly injected, and the rats were sacrificed at various times after stroke. To detect BrdU nuclear incorporation and various neurotransmitters, brain… CONTINUE READING
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