Neurotransmitter and carbohydrate metabolism during aging and mild hypoxia.

  title={Neurotransmitter and carbohydrate metabolism during aging and mild hypoxia.},
  author={Gary E Gibson and Colleen K. Peterson and J D Sansone},
  journal={Neurobiology of aging},
  volume={2 3},
Alterations in the metabolism of the glucose derived neurotransmitters may underlie some of the deficits in brain function that can accompany aging. We examined the whole brain syntheses of acetylcholine (ACh), alanine, aspartate, glutamate, gamma-aminobutyrate (GABA), glutamine and serine in two strains (C57BL and BALB/c) of aged mice (3, 10 and 30 months). ACh synthesis in C57BL and BALB/c mice declined 41 and 44% at 10 months and 64 and 75% by 30 months. Incorporation of [U-14C]glucose into… CONTINUE READING
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