Neurotoxicity of two organophosphorus ester flame retardants in hens.

  title={Neurotoxicity of two organophosphorus ester flame retardants in hens.},
  author={Gregory L. Sprague and Leiv Sandvik and M J Brookins-Hendricks and Arthur A Bickford},
  journal={Journal of toxicology and environmental health},
  volume={8 3},
Delayed neurotoxicity in hens was reported after the administration of several chlorinated alkyl phosphates. Neurotoxicity increased in a homologous series with the size and/or hydrophobic nature of substituents. In the present study the neurotoxicities of two commercial flame retardants, Fyrol PCF [tri(2-chloropropyl) phosphate] and Fyrol CEF [tri)beta-chloroethyl) phosphate], were compared in adult White Leghorn hens. When Fyrol PCF (10 ml/kg neat) was administered orally to four hens, no… CONTINUE READING


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