Neurosteroids: a new function in the brain.

  title={Neurosteroids: a new function in the brain.},
  author={Etienne Emile Baulieu},
  journal={Biology of the cell},
  volume={71 1-2},
"Neurosteroids" accumulate in the central nervous system independently of supply by peripheral endocrine glands. Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHA) and pregnenolone (delta 5P) were first found in the rat brain. Then, a steroid biosynthetic pathway was demonstrated in oligodendrocytes, mostly by enzyme immunocytochemistry and biochemical studies in primary cultures of glial cells, where the formation, from appropriate radioactive precursors, of delta 5P, delta 5-pregn-3 beta, 20 alpha-diol (20 alpha… CONTINUE READING
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