[Neurosis concept--sociology in the service of psychotherapy].


In view of the prevalence of neuroses (10% of the population are affected) the character of these disorders is considered critically. The more or less unconscious intrapsychic conflict situation and the use of transfer analysis for therapy are considered important. As an example the results of a screening action performed on 6,796 male subjects in Schwedt are tested in respect of their compatibility with the neurosis notion propounded by the authors. Relationships between the character "neurosis" and the variables "smoker", "body weight" and "physical activity" are discussed in respect of their consequences for choice of therapy.

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@article{Kulawik1982NeurosisCI, title={[Neurosis concept--sociology in the service of psychotherapy].}, author={H Kulawik and V Klahre}, journal={Psychiatrie, Neurologie, und medizinische Psychologie}, year={1982}, volume={34 10}, pages={610-6} }