Neuroscience, quantum indeterminism and the Cartesian soul

  title={Neuroscience, quantum indeterminism and the Cartesian soul},
  author={P. G. Clarke},
  journal={Brain and Cognition},
  • P. G. Clarke
  • Published 2014
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Brain and Cognition
  • Quantum indeterminism is frequently invoked as a solution to the problem of how a disembodied soul might interact with the brain (as Descartes proposed), and is sometimes invoked in theories of libertarian free will even when they do not involve dualistic assumptions. Taking as example the Eccles-Beck model of interaction between self (or soul) and brain at the level of synaptic exocytosis, I here evaluate the plausibility of these approaches. I conclude that Heisenbergian uncertainty is too… CONTINUE READING
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