Neurosarcoidosis--review of imaging findings.

  title={Neurosarcoidosis--review of imaging findings.},
  author={Kenneth M. Lury and J. Keith Smith and Maria Gisele Matheus and M Castillo},
  journal={Seminars in roentgenology},
  volume={39 4},
Five to 25% of patients with systemic sarcoidosis also have CNS involvement. Patients with systemic disease may initially present with neurologic symptoms, and rarely, the sarcoidosis may be isolated to the CNS. A typical imaging feature is thickening and enhancement of the basilar leptomeninges of the brain. Other imaging findings, such as enhancing or nonenhancing parenchymal lesions, dural, and bone lesions may occur in the head and spine. Because there is a high rate of progression and… CONTINUE READING

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