Neuropsychological sequelae of ethylene glycol intoxication: a case study.

  title={Neuropsychological sequelae of ethylene glycol intoxication: a case study.},
  author={Bryan M Freilich and Zenep Altun and Charles Ramesar and Alice Medalia},
  journal={Applied neuropsychology},
  volume={14 1},
Ingestion of Ethylene glycol (EG) can result in a clinical syndrome marked by renal, cardiopulmonary, and neurological dysfunction. We present a case study addressing EG intoxication with neurological, radiological, and neuropsychological findings several days to weeks after initial ingestion and again at follow-up six months later. In our case study, CT scans of the head on days one and two post EG ingestion were essentially normal, as was a brain MRI six months later. An MRI of the brain on… CONTINUE READING