Neuropsychological functioning following craniopharyngioma removal.

  title={Neuropsychological functioning following craniopharyngioma removal.},
  author={H. Bawden and Sonia R Salisbury and Gail A. Eskes and Rachel Morehouse},
  journal={Journal of clinical and experimental neuropsychology},
  volume={31 1},
The neuropsychological functioning of patients who had undergone surgical removal of craniopharyngiomas was compared to that of an endocrine control group composed of patients with nontumor hypopituitarism, an obese control group, and a normal control group. Neuropsychological assessments consisting of measures of intelligence, memory, attention, and executive functioning were carried out. The craniopharyngioma group had lower Performance IQ than did the normal control group, but their… CONTINUE READING