Neuropsychological function in physically asymptomatic, HIV-seropositive men.


Twenty asymptomatic, HIV-seropositive homosexual men and a control group of 20 seronegative homosexual men were evaluated for evidence of neuropsychological impairment. Two-tailed paired t-tests of group differences revealed that the seropositive patients had significantly lower scores on two of 20 neuropsychological measures. Ten seropositive patients had… (More)


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@article{Perry1989NeuropsychologicalFI, title={Neuropsychological function in physically asymptomatic, HIV-seropositive men.}, author={S. Perry and D Belsky-Barr and William B. Barr and L B Jacobsberg}, journal={The Journal of neuropsychiatry and clinical neurosciences}, year={1989}, volume={1 3}, pages={296-302} }