Neuropsychological deficits accompanying striatonigral degeneration.

  title={Neuropsychological deficits accompanying striatonigral degeneration.},
  author={Edith V. Sullivan and Robert L De La Paz and Robert B Zipursky and Adolf Pfefferbaum},
  journal={Journal of clinical and experimental neuropsychology},
  volume={13 5},
This study presents a structural and functional description of a case of striatonigral degeneration (SND) and emphasizes neuropsychological findings. The patient, a 55-year-old woman with progressive and relatively intractable rigidity and bradykinesia, particularly of the right side, was studied with brain MR scans and with a wide variety of sensory, motor, and cognitive tests known to be subserved by specific brain regions. T2-weighted MR images revealed curvilinear areas of high signal in… CONTINUE READING