Neuropsychological assessment of adult patients with shunted hydrocephalus.

  title={Neuropsychological assessment of adult patients with shunted hydrocephalus.},
  author={Emel Erdoğan Bakar and Bulent Bakar},
  journal={Journal of Korean Neurosurgical Society},
  volume={47 3},
OBJECTIVE This study is planned to determine the neurocognitive difficulties of hydrocephalic adults. METHODS THE RESEARCH GROUP CONTAINED HEALTHY ADULTS (CONTROL GROUP, N : 15), and hydrocephalic adults (n : 15). Hydrocephalic group consisted of patients with idiopathic aquaduct stenosis and post-meningitis hydrocephalus. All patients were followed with shunted hydrocephalus and not gone to shunt revision during last two years. They were chosen from either asymptomatic or had only minor… CONTINUE READING

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