Neuropsychological and neuroradiologic correlates of emotional prosody comprehension.

  title={Neuropsychological and neuroradiologic correlates of emotional prosody comprehension.},
  author={Sergio E. Starkstein and J P Federoff and Thomas R. Price and Ram{\'o}n C. Leiguarda and Robert G. Robinson},
  volume={44 3 Pt 1},
We examined a series of 59 patients with acute stroke lesions for the presence of comprehension emotional aprosody. Based on a standardized assessment of comprehension of emotional intonation, 29 patients (49%) showed emotional aprosody (17% "mild" aprosody [n = 10] and 32% "severe" aprosody [n = 19]). Patients with comprehension emotional aprosody showed a higher frequency of extinction on double-simultaneous stimulation, anosognosia, and deficits in facial emotion comprehension. Patients with… CONTINUE READING


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