Neuropsychiatric impairment in impulsive personality disorders.

  title={Neuropsychiatric impairment in impulsive personality disorders.},
  author={D. J. Stein and Eric Hollander and Lisa Janet Cohen and Moshe A Frenkel and J. B. Saoud and C M Decaria and Bonnie R Aronowitz and Adrah Levin and Michael R. Liebowitz},
  journal={Psychiatry research},
  volume={48 3},
It has been suggested that impulsivity and aggression are associated with neuropsychiatric impairment. Neurological soft signs may be a useful marker of nonspecific brain damage, and may therefore be increased in impulsive and aggressive patients compared with normal control subjects. A structured examination was used to evaluate neurological soft signs in 28 patients with personality disorders characterized by impulsivity and 28 healthy control subjects. All of the patients met DSM-III-R… CONTINUE READING