Neuroprotection due to irrigation during bipolar cautery.

  title={Neuroprotection due to irrigation during bipolar cautery.},
  author={Joseph J Donzelli and John P. Leonetti and Robert D. Wurster and J Marshall Lee and M Rita I Young},
  journal={Archives of otolaryngology--head & neck surgery},
  volume={126 2},
OBJECTIVE To test whether irrigation during bipolar cautery confers thermoprotection from neuronal injury. DESIGN A rat animal model (15 rats for each treatment group) was used to test the thermoprotective effects of irrigation during bipolar cautery. In this model, the sciatic nerve was exposed, and a 1-second stimulus was applied using bipolar cautery forceps at 40 or 20 W placed directly on the nerve in the presence or absence of simultaneous irrigation. The effects of cautery were… CONTINUE READING