Neurophysiological findings in vibration-exposed male workers.

  title={Neurophysiological findings in vibration-exposed male workers.},
  author={T. Str{\"o}mberg and Lars B Dahlin and Ingmar Ros{\'e}n and G{\"o}ran Lundborg},
  journal={Journal of hand surgery},
  volume={24 2},
Fractionated nerve conduction, vibrotactile sense, and temperature thresholds were studied in 73 symptomatic vibration-exposed male workers. Three symptomatic groups were distinguished: patients with isolated sensorineural symptoms; with isolated vasospastic problems; and with both. Clinical carpal tunnel syndrome occurred in 14 patients and abnormal cold intolerance (without blanching of the fingers) in 23. In the group as a whole, nerve conduction studies were abnormal in the median nerve but… CONTINUE READING


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