Neuropharmacology of glucocorticoids: focus on emotion, cognition and cocaine.

  title={Neuropharmacology of glucocorticoids: focus on emotion, cognition and cocaine.},
  author={Edo Ronald de Kloet and Inge E. M. de Jong and Melly S. Oitzl},
  journal={European journal of pharmacology},
  volume={585 2-3},
Hormone pharmacology has been quite interesting in The Netherlands the past century and this contribution is dedicated to the glucocorticoid hormones underlying adaptation to stress. The story starts in 1936 with Tadeus Reichstein and Ernst Laqueur who discovered corticosterone at the time Hans Selye formulated the stress concept. Today highly sophisticated technologies help to unravel the action mechanism of the glucocorticoids from gene to behaviour. In today's concept glucocorticoids… CONTINUE READING
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