Neuropharmacology of brain-stimulation-evoked aggression.

  title={Neuropharmacology of brain-stimulation-evoked aggression.},
  author={Allan Siegel and Tom A P Roeling and T. R. S. Gregg and Menno R. Kruk},
  journal={Neuroscience and biobehavioral reviews},
  volume={23 3},
Evidence is reviewed concerning the brain areas and neurotransmitters involved in aggressive behavior in the cat and rodent. In the cat, two distinct neural circuits involving the hypothalamus and PAG subserve two different kinds of aggression: defensive rage and predatory (quiet-biting) attack. The roles played by the neurotransmitters serotonin, GABA, glutamate, opioids, cholecystokinin, substance P, norepinephrine, dopamine, and acetylcholine in the modulation and expression of aggression… CONTINUE READING
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