Neuropharmacological profile of MD 790501, a new benzamide derivative.

  title={Neuropharmacological profile of MD 790501, a new benzamide derivative.},
  author={Maurice Jalfre and Bernard Bucher and Nicole Dorme and G. Mocquet and Roger D. Porsolt},
  journal={Archives internationales de pharmacodynamie et de therapie},
  volume={264 2},
Using several classical screening procedures in different species MD 790501: (exo)-2,3 dimethoxy-N-[8-(phenylmethyl)-8-azabiocyclo [3.2.1]oct-3-yl] benzamide hydrochloride was shown to possess potent neuroleptic properties. The doses effective in the tests for neuroleptic activity were similar to or lower than those for heloperidol and clearly lower than those for bromopride, chlorpromazine, sulpiridie, sultopride and thioridazine. Compared with the reference compounds tested MD 790501 showed… CONTINUE READING