Neuropeptides and their functions in Hydra.

  title={Neuropeptides and their functions in Hydra.},
  author={Toshio Takahashi and Eisuke Hayakawa and O. Koizumi and Toshitaka Fujisawa},
  journal={Acta biologica Hungarica},
  volume={59 Suppl},
In order to identify novel peptide signaling molecules involved in the regulation of developmental and physiological processes in the freshwater cnidarian, Hydra magnipapillata, we initiated a systematic peptide screening project, the Hydra Peptide Project. In the project, twelve neuropeptides were identified so far. The LWamide family is composed of seven members, which share a GLWamide motif at their C-termini. All the peptides have an ability to induce metamorphosis of Hydractinia serrata… CONTINUE READING