Neuropeptide Y overflow and metabolism in skeletal muscle arterioles.


The purpose of this study was to characterize neuropeptide Y (NPY) overflow and metabolism from isolated skeletal muscle arterioles of female rats. Gastrocnemius first-order arterioles were removed from young (2 months), young adult (6 months) and middle-aged (12 months) F344 female rats. Arterioles were isolated, cannulated and pressurized in a microvessel… (More)
DOI: 10.1113/jphysiol.2011.209726


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@article{Evanson2011NeuropeptideYO, title={Neuropeptide Y overflow and metabolism in skeletal muscle arterioles.}, author={Kirk W. Evanson and A. J. Stone and Allyson L Hammond and Heidi A. Kluess}, journal={The Journal of physiology}, year={2011}, volume={589 Pt 13}, pages={3309-18} }