Neuropeptide Regulation of Signaling and Behavior in the BNST


Recent technical developments have transformed how neuroscientists can probe brain function. What was once thought to be difficult and perhaps impossible, stimulating a single set of long range inputs among many, is now relatively straight-forward using optogenetic approaches. This has provided an avalanche of data demonstrating causal roles for circuits in… (More)
DOI: 10.14348/molcells.2015.2261


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@inproceedings{Kash2015NeuropeptideRO, title={Neuropeptide Regulation of Signaling and Behavior in the BNST}, author={Thomas L Kash and Kristen E. Pleil and Catherine A. Marcinkiewcz and Emily G. Lowery-Gionta and Nicole A. Crowley and Christopher M. Mazzone and Jonathan A Sugam and J Andrew Hardaway and Zoe A McElligott}, booktitle={Molecules and cells}, year={2015} }