• Chemistry
  • Published 1992

Neuropathy treating agent

  title={Neuropathy treating agent},
  author={Alex A. Cordi and Gail E. Handelmann and Joseph B. Monahan and エイ.コーディ アレックス and イー.ハンデルマン ゲイル and ビー.モナハン ジョセフ},
PURPOSE: To obtain a neuropathy treating agent that contains D-cycloserine as an active ingredient and is useful for enhancing memory and treating cognition anomaly. CONSTITUTION: This therapeutic agent contains, as an active ingredient, a compound represented by the formula (R is a hydride, an alkyl, a cycloalkyl, an aryl; R is a hydride, an alkyl, an aryl, -CO-R , -COOR ; R is same as R or an alkoxy; R and R are incorporated to form a Schiff base derivative group derived from an aldehyde and… CONTINUE READING