Neuroparacoccidioidomycosis: analysis of 13 cases observed in an endemic area in Brazil.

  title={Neuroparacoccidioidomycosis: analysis of 13 cases observed in an endemic area in Brazil.},
  author={Anamaria Mello Miranda Paniago and Priscilla Alexandrino de Oliveira and Eliana Setti Albuquerque Aguiar and Jos{\'e} Ivan Albuquerque Aguiar and Rivaldo Ven{\^a}ncio da Cunha and L{\'i}gia Maria Leme and Pedro Rippel Salgado and Jo{\~a}o Am{\'e}rico Domingos and Renato Lima Ferraz and Marilene Rodrigues Chang and M{\'a}rcio Neves B{\'o}ia and Bodo Wanke},
  journal={Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene},
  volume={101 4},
The epidemiological, clinical and laboratory features of 13 cases of neuroparacoccidioidomycosis (NPCM) were analysed. All patients were men, with a mean age of 41.6 years. The lungs were involved in 11 cases (84.6%) and only two cases had mycosis limited to the central nervous system. Co-morbidity was observed in four patients (malignant neoplasm in three and diabetes mellitus in one). The most frequent neurological manifestations were paresis (eight cases), headache (five cases) and gait… CONTINUE READING
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