Neurons of the hypothalamus concentrate (3H)progesterone or its metabolites.

  title={Neurons of the hypothalamus concentrate (3H)progesterone or its metabolites.},
  author={Madhabananda Sar and Walter Erich Stumpf},
  volume={182 4118},
Selective concentration of [(1)H]progesterone or its metabolites is observed in nuclei of neurons in certain hypothalamic regions of the guinea pig 15 minutes after injection of [1,2,6,7-(3)H]progesterone, by use of dry-mount autoradiography. Highest concentrations of progestin target neurons exist in the nucleus arcuatus, the nucleus preopticus periventricularis, and the nucleus preopticus suprachiasmaticus. Previous administration of unlabeled progesterone inhibits the nuclear concentration… CONTINUE READING


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Receptor localization of steroid hormones and drugs: discoveries through the use of thaw-mount and dry-mount autoradiography.

Brazilian journal of medical and biological research = Revista brasileira de pesquisas medicas e biologicas • 1998

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