Neuronal migration disorders: clinical, neuroradiologic and genetics aspects.

  title={Neuronal migration disorders: clinical, neuroradiologic and genetics aspects.},
  author={A Spalice and Pasquale Parisi and Francesco Nicita and Giorgia Pizzardi and Francesca Del Balzo and Paola Iannetti},
  journal={Acta paediatrica},
  volume={98 3},
UNLABELLED Disorders of neuronal migration are a heterogeneous group of disorders of nervous system development. One of the most frequent disorders is lissencephaly, characterized by a paucity of normal gyri and sulci resulting in a 'smooth brain'. There are two pathologic subtypes: classical and cobblestone. Six different genes could be responsible for this entity (LIS1, DCX, TUBA1A, VLDLR, ARX, RELN), although co-delection of YWHAE gene with LIS1 could result in Miller-Dieker Syndrome… CONTINUE READING
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