Neuronal habituation in the vestibular nuclei of the cat.

  title={Neuronal habituation in the vestibular nuclei of the cat.},
  author={Paul R. Kileny and Jay H Ryu and Brian F McCabe and Paul J. Abbas},
  journal={Acta oto-laryngologica},
  volume={90 3-4},
This is a study of the effects of repeated angular acceleration on the activity of vestibular nuclei units in anesthetized and in conscious cats. The experimental animals were subjected to trains of repeated and consecutive constant acceleration-deceleration ramps (4-8 degrees/sec2). In a few cases nystagmus was recorded along with extracellular unit activity. The effect of stimulus repetition on vestibular neuronal activity consisted of one of the following: 1. No change in response. 2… CONTINUE READING