Neuronal Spike Sorting Based on 2-Stage RBF Networks


In this paper, 2-stage Radial Basis Function (RBF) network method is used for neural spike sorting. Firstly, raw signals are obtained from neural signal simulator, and added white noise ranged from -10 dB to -40 dB. Secondly, spikes are detected out with matched filter from signals. Lastly, 2-stage RBF networks are constructed and the spikes are sorted using RBF networks. The experiments show that 2-stage RBF network is an effective tool for neural spike sorting.

DOI: 10.1109/FGCN.2008.183

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@article{Dai2008NeuronalSS, title={Neuronal Spike Sorting Based on 2-Stage RBF Networks}, author={Jianhua Dai and Xiaochun Liu and Shaomin Zhang and Huaijian Zhang and Yi Yu and Xiaoxiang Zheng}, journal={2008 Second International Conference on Future Generation Communication and Networking}, year={2008}, volume={3}, pages={47-50} }