Neuromuscular neutral zones sensitivity to lumbar displacement rate.

  title={Neuromuscular neutral zones sensitivity to lumbar displacement rate.},
  author={B S Elizabeth Eversull and Moshe Solomonow and E E Bing He Zhou and Richard V. Baratta and Meng Ping Zhu},
  journal={Clinical biomechanics},
  volume={16 2},
OBJECTIVES To determine the displacement and tension thresholds (developed during anterior lumbar flexion) which trigger reflexive muscular activity in the multifidus muscles; their variability with the velocity of flexion; and the pattern of threshold variability across the lumbar spine.Design. An in-vivo study of the feline during passive lumbar flexion applied via the L-4/5 supraspinous ligament. METHOD EMG from six pairs of intramuscular electrodes inserted in the L-1/2 to L-6/7… CONTINUE READING