Neuromuscular function in weight-trainers.

  title={Neuromuscular function in weight-trainers.},
  author={Digby G. Sale and Adrian R. M. Upton and Alan J McComas and John D. MacDougall},
  journal={Experimental neurology},
  volume={82 3},
Electrophysiologic measurements were made on the median-innervated thenar muscles and triceps surae in 17 weight-trainers (bodybuilders and weight-lifters) and in control subjects. In the median-innervated thenar muscles, the weight-trainers presented normal values for motor unit counts, reflex potentiation, and twitch contractile properties; however, the weight-trainers possessed a significantly greater (8%) median motor nerve conduction velocity. In the triceps surae, the weight-trainers… CONTINUE READING


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