Neuromuscular blocking properties of some antibiotics in man.

  title={Neuromuscular blocking properties of some antibiotics in man.},
  author={Y. Hashimoto and T. Shima and S. Matsukawa and K. Iwatsuki},
  journal={The Tohoku journal of experimental medicine},
  volume={117 4},
Neuromuscular blocking properties of ribostamycin (1 gm), dibecacin (100 mg) and tobramycin (60 mg) were studied in a man during anesthesia and surgery by observing the effects of these antibiotics on muscle twitch tension. These drugs alone did not show any neuromuscular blocking action in those therapeutic doses. However, during the recovery phase of d-tubocurarine block the intravenous administration of 1 gm of ribostamycin caused a fairly rapid decrease in twitch tension. Tobramycin 60 mg… Expand
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