Neuromuscular Dysfunction in Experimental Sepsis and Glutamine.


BACKGROUND Electrophysiological studies show that critical illness polyneuromyopathy appears in the early stage of sepsis before the manifestation of clinical findings. The metabolic response observed during sepsis causes glutamine to become a relative essential amino acid. AIMS We aimed to assess the changes in neuromuscular transmission in the early… (More)
DOI: 10.5152/balkanmedj.2016.140483


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@article{Cankayal2016NeuromuscularDI, title={Neuromuscular Dysfunction in Experimental Sepsis and Glutamine.}, author={Ilkin Cankayalı and {\"O}zden Boyacılar and Kubilay Demirağ and Mehmet Erhan Uyar and Ali Reşat Moral}, journal={Balkan medical journal}, year={2016}, volume={33 3}, pages={267-74} }