Neuromorphic computing gets ready for the (really) big time

  title={Neuromorphic computing gets ready for the (really) big time},
  author={Don Monroe},
  journal={Commun. ACM},
A technology inspired by biological principles but 'steamrolled for decades' prepares to take off as Moore's Law approaches its long-anticipated end. 
Stochastic Magnetoelectric Neuron for Temporal Information Encoding
A magnetoelectronic neuron is proposed that utilizes noise as a computing resource and is able to encode information over time through the independent control of external voltage signals, demonstrating its suitability for neuromorphic computing platforms performing temporal information encoding.
Spin based neuromorphic computing
Spintronics based neuromorphic computing has been reviewed and the performance is evaluated in comparison to conventional techniques.
Application of neural networks in recognition of complex solutions
This thesis will test the applicability of neural networks in recognition of blends of different Na, K, and Ca concentrations which could provide basis in investigating other more advanced neuromorphic topics.
Floating-Point Multiplication Using Neuromorphic Computing
A neuromorphic system that performs IEEE 754-compliant floating-point multiplication is described, and the effect of the number of neurons per bit on accuracy and bit error rate is studied.
Neuroscience-Inspired Dynamic Architectures
This work proposes a neuroscience-inspired dynamic architecture (NIDA) and discusses a method for automatically designing NIDA networks to accomplish tasks and discusses the reasons it chose evolutionary optimization as the main design method.
Comprehensive Evaluation of Neuromorphic Computing
An attempt to address the new systems and their role as well as various issues associated with it which are contributing the computing domain and the methods to assess various neuromorphic computing system.
Recent trends in neuromorphic engineering
A review of recent trends in neuromorphic engineering and its sub-domains is looked at, with an attempt to identify key research directions that would assume significance in the future.
A Low Power Integrate and Fire Neuron Circuit for Spiking Neural Network
This paper proposed the current mirror based neuron circuit with the cascode structure added, which reduces the current fluctuation due to the membrane potential and compared two type of the neuron circuit in comparative operation, using inverters and a comparator.
Architecture and Design of a Spiking Neuron Processor Core Towards the Design of a Large-scale Event-Driven 3D-NoC-based Neuromorphic Processor
A spiking neuron processor core suitable for an event-driven Three-Dimensional Network on Chip (3D-NoC) SNN based neuromorphic systems and achieves an accuracy of 95.15% on MNIST dataset inference is presented.


Cognitive computing
Unite neuroscience, supercomputing, and nanotechnology to discover, demonstrate, and deliver the brain's core algorithms.
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Don Monroe is a science and technology writer based
  • Don Monroe is a science and technology writer based
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