Neuromagnetic oscillations to emotional faces and prosody.

  title={Neuromagnetic oscillations to emotional faces and prosody.},
  author={Y Chen and J. Christopher Edgar and Tom Holroyd and J{\"u}rgen Dammers and Heike Th{\"o}nnessen and Timothy P. L. Roberts and Klaus Mathiak},
  journal={The European journal of neuroscience},
  volume={31 10},
Higher association cortices as well as unisensory areas can support multisensory integration [D. Senkowski et al. (2008) Trends Neurosci., 31, 401-409]. The present study investigated whether audiovisual integration of emotional information emerges early at unisensory or later at higher association cortices. Emotional stimuli were presented in three blocks: audiovisual (AV), auditory (A) and visual (V). Eighteen participants performed a delayed emotional recognition task (happy, angry or… CONTINUE READING
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