Neurological symptoms associated with sarcocystosis in adult sheep.


Four mature ewes developed mild neurological symptoms. Histological examination revealed a nonsuppurative encephalitis and myelitis associated with protozoan cysts identified as Sarcocystis spp. by immunoperoxidase. The mild clinical signs and apparent recovery of 1 ewe suggest that neurological disease caused by Sarcocystis spp. may be more common than… (More)


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@article{Henderson1997NeurologicalSA, title={Neurological symptoms associated with sarcocystosis in adult sheep.}, author={Juliane Henderson and Kira Dies and Deborah M. Haines and Gary W. Higgs and Mejid Ayroud}, journal={The Canadian veterinary journal = La revue veterinaire canadienne}, year={1997}, volume={38 3}, pages={168-70} }