Neurologic syndrome in 25 workers from an aluminum smelting plant.

  title={Neurologic syndrome in 25 workers from an aluminum smelting plant.},
  author={Davene M White and William T. Longstreth and Linda Rosenstock and Keith Harvey Jack Claypoole and Carl Andrew Brodkin and Brenda D. Townes},
  journal={Archives of internal medicine},
  volume={152 7},
BACKGROUND This article expands on an earlier series of three patients with a neurologic syndrome, who had all worked in an aluminum smelting plant. METHODS Twenty-five symptomatic workers from the same plant were referred for a standardized evaluation, including completion of a health questionnaire, neurologic examination, and neuropsychologic evaluation. An exposure index was calculated for each worker based on level and duration of exposure in the potroom, where exposures were the greatest… CONTINUE READING


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