Neurologic outcome of controlled compressed-air diving.

  title={Neurologic outcome of controlled compressed-air diving.},
  author={Peter Cordes and Rainer Keil and Thorsten Bartsch and Kay Tetzlaff and Martin Reuter and Alfred Hutzelmann and Lars Friege and Thomas Meyer and E. Bettinghausen and Guenther Deuschl},
  volume={55 11},
The authors compared the neurologic, neuropsychological, and neuroradiologic status of military compressed-air divers without a history of neurologic decompression illness and controls. No gross differences in the neuropsychometric test results or abnormal neurologic findings were found. There was no correlation between test results, diving experience, and number and size of cerebral MRI lesions. Prevalence of cerebral lesions was not increased in divers. These results suggest that there are no… CONTINUE READING