Neuroleukin: a lymphokine product of lectin-stimulated T cells.

  title={Neuroleukin: a lymphokine product of lectin-stimulated T cells.},
  author={Mark E Gurney and Brian R. Apatoff and Gregory T. Spear and M J Baumel and Jack P. Antel and M B Bania and Anthony T. Reder},
  volume={234 4776},
Neuroleukin is a lymphokine product of lectin-stimulated T cells that induces immunoglobulin secretion by cultured human peripheral blood mononuclear cells. Neuroleukin acts early in the in vitro response that leads to formation of antibody-secreting cells, but continued production of immunoglobulin by differentiated antibody-secreting cells is neuroleukin-independent. Although the factor is not directly mitogenic, cellular proliferation is a late component of the response to neuroleukin… CONTINUE READING


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