Neuroimaging predictors of transition to psychosis--a systematic review and meta-analysis.

  title={Neuroimaging predictors of transition to psychosis--a systematic review and meta-analysis.},
  author={Renata Smieskova and Paolo Fusar-Poli and Paul Allen and Kerstin Bendfeldt and R. D. Stieglitz and Juergen Drewe and Ernst Wilhelm Radue and Philip K. McGuire and Anita Riecher-R{\"o}ssler and Stefan J. Borgwardt},
  journal={Neuroscience and biobehavioral reviews},
  volume={34 8},
OBJECTIVES In early stage psychosis research the identification of neurobiological correlates of vulnerability to schizophrenia is an important hurdle. METHODS We systematically reviewed the neuroimaging publications on high-risk subjects with subsequent transition to psychosis (HR-T) and conducted a meta-analysis calculating the effect size Cohen's d. RESULTS Out of 30 identified studies 25 met the inclusion criteria. Structural (s)MRI studies showed small to medium effect sizes of… CONTINUE READING
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