Neuroimaging databases as a resource for scientific discovery.

  title={Neuroimaging databases as a resource for scientific discovery.},
  author={John Darrell Van Horn and John Wolfe and Autumn Agnoli and J. Brian Woodward and Michael Schmitt and James G. Dobson and Sarene Schumacher and Bennet Vance},
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NATIONAL REVIEW OF 55 OBIOLOGY, VOL. 66 Copyright 2005, Elsevier In All rights reserve 0.1016/S0074-7742(05)66002-3 0074-7742/05 $35.0 II. E xamining Cognitive Function with fMRI III. L arge-Scale Archiving of fMRI Study Data IV. T he Emergence of ‘‘Discovery Science’’ V. D ata Sharing in Neuroscience VI. T he Role of Computation in Neuroscience VII. B rain Data Repositories as a Shared Resource for Neuroscience VIII. f MRI Data Archiving, Mining, and Visualization IX. N euroinformatics—The… CONTINUE READING