Neurogranin in the development of the rat telencephalon

  title={Neurogranin in the development of the rat telencephalon},
  author={Gonzalo Alvarez-Bolado and P. Rodr{\'i}guez-S{\'a}nchez and P. Tejero-D{\'i}ez and Alfonso Fair{\'e}n and Francisco J Diez-Guerra},
We have used a novel antibody to map the distribution of the protein kinase C substrate protein RC3/neurogranin during the development of the rat telencephalon. Neurogranin appearance in the rat brain is biphasic: it shows an early stage of anatomically restricted, low-intensity expression, and a juvenile stage of anatomically widespread, high-intensity expression. Most of the structures that express neurogranin during development conserve it in the adult stage. Neurogranin expression starts on… CONTINUE READING
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