Neurogranin, a B-50/GAP-43-immunoreactive C-kinase substrate (BICKS), is ADP-ribosylated.

  title={Neurogranin, a B-50/GAP-43-immunoreactive C-kinase substrate (BICKS), is ADP-ribosylated.},
  author={Patrick Coggins and Kelley McLean and Henk Zwiers},
  journal={FEBS letters},
  volume={335 1},
Neurogranin is a neurone-specific, B-50-immunoreactive C-kinase substrate that has limited homology to, but considerable biochemical similarity to B-50/GAP43. The most significant differences between these two proteins are their cellular localisation and molecular mass (Neurogranin, 7.5 kDA cytosolic; and B-50, 25 kDa membranal). An understanding of the similarities and differences between Neurogranin and B-50 may facilitate the elucidation of their hitherto elusive functions in the nervous… CONTINUE READING