Neuroglobin and cytoglobin in search of their role in the vertebrate globin family.

  title={Neuroglobin and cytoglobin in search of their role in the vertebrate globin family.},
  author={Thomas Hankeln and Bettina Ebner and Christine Fuchs and Frank Gerlach and Mark Haberkamp and Tilmann L Laufs and Anja Roesner and Marc Schmidt and Bettina Weich and Sylvia Wystub and Sigrid Saaler-Reinhardt and Stefan Reuss and Martino Bolognesi and Daniele de Sanctis and M C Michael C Marden and Laurent Kiger and L. Moens and Sylvia Dewilde and Eviatar Nevo and Aaron Avivi and Roy E Weber and Angela Fago and Thorsten Burmester},
  journal={Journal of inorganic biochemistry},
  volume={99 1},
Neuroglobin and cytoglobin are two recent additions to the family of heme-containing respiratory proteins of man and other vertebrates. Here, we review the present state of knowledge of the structures, ligand binding kinetics, evolution and expression patterns of these two proteins. These data provide a first glimpse into the possible physiological roles of these globins in the animal's metabolism. Both, neuroglobin and cytoglobin are structurally similar to myoglobin, although they contain… CONTINUE READING
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