Neurogenic pulmonary oedema.

  title={Neurogenic pulmonary oedema.},
  author={Ronan O'Leary and Justin McKinlay},
  volume={1 8443},
At the end of the 18th century, the French physician and inventor of the stethoscope, Rene Laennec described ‘an infiltration of serum into the pulmonary tissue carried to a degree such that it significantly diminishes its permeability to air’. One hundred years later, Ernest Starling explained the relationship between osmotic and hydrostatic pressure and maintenance of extravascular fluid homeostasis which when disrupted leads to the development of pulmonary oedema and respiratory… 
Management of Neurogenic Pulmonary Edema and Differential Hypoxemia in an Adult Supported on Venoarterial Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation.
This is the first case report of rescue VA-ECMO for cardiac arrest resulting in differential hypoxemia in the setting of NPE, an uncommon complication of anoxic brain injury that compromised oxygenation through the native pulmonary bed.
Neurogenic pulmonary edema due to ventriculo-atrial shunt dysfunction: a case report.
The importance of recognition of neurogenic pulmonary edema as a possible perioperative complication resulting from an increase in intracranial pressure is addressed, which can lead to acute cardiopulmonary failure with global hypoperfusion and hypoxia.
Bit‐induced asphyxia in the racehorse as a cause of sudden death
The data comparison supports a unifying hypothesis on 4 problems currently considered idiopathic; that the bit is an ultimate cause of palatal instability, dynamic collapse of the upper respiratory tract, EIPH and sudden death.
Co-Existing Hypertension in Neurosurgery
In this chapter, classification of hypertension and its causes, pathophysiology, the brain-heart interaction, preoperative evaluation, various causes of perioperative hypertension, and its management are discussed in detail.
Histopathological features of the brain, liver, kidney and spleen following an innovative polytrauma model of the mouse.
  • M. Mirzayan, C. Probst, +5 authors A. Samii
  • Medicine
    Experimental and toxicologic pathology : official journal of the Gesellschaft fur Toxikologische Pathologie
  • 2012
The findings of this study show that such a polytrauma model can be standardized resulting in a reproducible damage in the mouse including traumatic brain injury and fulfills the requirements of a standardized animal model.
Edema pulmonar neurogênico devido à disfunção da derivação ventrículo‐atrial: relato de caso
Este relato aborda a importância da identificacao de um edema pulmonar neurogenico como uma possivel complicacao no periodo perioperatorio resultante of um aumento da pressao intracraniana.


Neurogenic pulmonary oedema
The observations of Dr P.W. Harris about the new design of hub connexion for Portex epidural catheters prompt me to bring to the attention of epiduralists another problem associated with their use.
Respiratory Physiology - the Essentials
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