Neurogenic pulmonary edema during intracranial endovascular therapy

  title={Neurogenic pulmonary edema during intracranial endovascular therapy},
  author={Randall P. Brewer and Cecil O. Borel},
  journal={Neurocritical Care},
Neurogenic pulmonary edema (NPE) is a well-known complication of acute brain injury. Neurogenic stunned myocardium (NSM) occurs clinically in a significant subset of patients with NPE. A 49-year-old woman developed refractory cerebral vasospasm requiring angioplasty following a subarachnoid hemorrhage. During angioplasty, NPE with NSM manifested as acute pulmonary edema associated with elevated pulmonary artery occlusion pressure and reduced cardiac output. Evaluations disclosed a right insular… CONTINUE READING