Neurogenesis of respiratory rhythm and pattern: emerging concepts.

  title={Neurogenesis of respiratory rhythm and pattern: emerging concepts.},
  author={Jack L Feldman and James C. Smith and H H Ellenberger and C A Connelly and Guang Shan Liu and John J. Greer and Amil Lindsay and Marlies Otto},
  journal={The American journal of physiology},
  volume={259 5 Pt 2},
We present three hypotheses related to the nervous system control of breathing in mammals: 1) that neural mechanisms controlling breathing change with state and that the relationship between mechanisms in different states can be described in terms of either modulation or a basic transformation of properties, or both; 2) that the mechanisms generating respiratory rhythm and pattern are separate; and 3) that conditional pacemaker cell activity is the basis for respiratory rhythm in highly reduced… CONTINUE READING

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