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Neuroethics and neuroscience Neuroética e neurociência

  title={Neuroethics and neuroscience Neuro{\'e}tica e neuroci{\^e}ncia},
  author={R. Schlindwein-Zanini and M. Pausewang and B. S. Junior and R. Get{\'u}lio},
The debate about the ethical aspects surrounding the brain is growing these days and consequently the sciences directly related to it cov- ered by neurosciences. Neuroethics is a recent field linked to the intersection of bioethics and neuroscience, and its advances raise ethical questions. The aim of this article is to verify and to comment important aspects of neuro- ethics. It was accomplished to critically review the literature. Ethics applied to areas related to neurosciences needs… Expand
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A four-part working bibliography of neuroethics: part 1: overview and reviews – defining and describing the field and its practices
This document provides an iterative, four-part document that affords a repository of international papers, books, and chapters that address the field in overview, and present discussion(s) of more particular aspects and topics of neuroethics. Expand


Neuroethics: a modern context for ethics in neuroscience
The exponential increase in cross-disciplinary research, the commercialization of cognitive neuroscience, the impetus for training in ethics, and the increased attention being paid to public understanding of science all illuminate the important role of neuroethics in neuroscience. Expand
[Neuroethics and bioethics--implications of Balkanization controversy].
  • Chiaki Kagawa
  • Sociology, Medicine
  • Brain and nerve = Shinkei kenkyu no shinpo
  • 2009
It is argued that the relevant scientific investigations and technologies are beginning to converge into 1 complex that demands not the division into subspecialities but the novel integration of bioethical inquiries: it is time to attempt the unification of bio ethical applied ethics for moral considerations regarding nano-bio-info-cogno convergent technologies. Expand
The international dimensions of neuroethics.
The results demonstrate a steady increase in global participation in neuroethics from 1989 to 2005, characterized by an increase in numbers of articles published specifically on neuroethic, journals publishing these articles, and countries contributing to the literature. Expand
Neuroethics: the practical and the philosophical
  • M. Farah
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Trends in Cognitive Sciences
  • 2005
This article reviews key examples of ethical issues raised in cognitive neuroscience, including the relevant advances in science and technology and their accompanying social and philosophical problems. Expand
Neuroethics for the New Millenium
Neuroethics has the potential to be an interdisciplinary field with wide-ranging effects, however, because it ultimately impinges on the well-being of the individual and the authors' society, it is not a study that can or should be undertaken in the ivory tower. Expand
Neuroethics vs Neurophysiologically and Neuropsychologically Uninformed Influences in Child-Rearing, Education, Emerging Hunter-Gatherers, and Artificial Intelligence Models of the Brain
  • A. Pontius
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Potentially negative long-term consequences in four areas are emphasized, if specific neuromaturational, neurophysiological, and neuropsychological facts within a neurodevelopmental and ecologicalExpand
Questões éticas na esclerose múltipla sob o ponto de vista de médicos e pacientes
Patients want to know their diagnosis and doctors should tell them in the most adequate moment and give more information, and a debate about palliative care is also necessary. Expand
Neuroethics and National Security
Neuroethics and National Security Turhan Canli a , Susan Brandon b , William Casebeer c , Philip J. Crowley d , Don DuRousseau e , Henry T. Greely f & Alvaro Pascual-Leone g a Stony Brook University,Expand
O drama pulsional, ético e político no sujeito da psicanálise
Retrieving to the path of Freud and Lacan around the concepts of subject, drive and enjoyment in their relations with the order of reality, this article presents a discussion on clinical andExpand
Neuroética: uma reflexão metodológica
Resumen pt: O artigo introduz uma reflexao pessoal sobre a neuroetica, descrevendo algumas das tecnologias que ensejaram o surgimento da disciplina, voltadas ao mape...