Neuroendocrine responses to emotional arousal in normal women.

  title={Neuroendocrine responses to emotional arousal in normal women.},
  author={Gilberto Gerra and G Fertomani and Amir Zaimovic and Rocco Caccavari and N Reali and D Maestri and Paola Avanzini and Cesare Monica and Roberto Delsignore and Francesca Brambilla},
  volume={33 4},
The neuroendocrine effects of many stressful challenges and experimentally induced emotional states have been investigated in humans, but few data are available concerning the psychobiological correlates of the emotional arousal induced by TV violence, fear and conflictual emotions. In this study we evaluated cardiovascular, hormonal and mood changes induced by the view of a violent or, in random order, neutral movie in 20 healthy young women. The emotional arousal was associated with a… CONTINUE READING