Neuroendocrine response to cold in Raynaud's syndrome.


Eleven patients with Raynaud's syndrome accompanied by monospecific IgG ANA, nine patients with Raynaud's syndrome in the absence of ANA, and nine normal volunteers were exposed to an ambient cold challenge during which time venous blood was continuously sampled. ANA negative patients were shown to have significantly higher levels of cortisol during a cold… (More)


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@article{Surwit1983NeuroendocrineRT, title={Neuroendocrine response to cold in Raynaud's syndrome.}, author={Richard S. Surwit and Laveil M Allen and R S Gilgor and Saul M. Schanberg and Cynthia M. Kuhn and Madeleine Duvic}, journal={Life sciences}, year={1983}, volume={32 9}, pages={995-1000} }