Neurocognitive impairment in bipolar patients with and without history of psychosis.

  title={Neurocognitive impairment in bipolar patients with and without history of psychosis.},
  author={Anabel Mart{\'i}nez-Ar{\'a}n and C Torrent and Rafael Tabar{\'e}s-Seisdedos and Manel Salamero and Claire Daban and Vicente Balanz{\'a}-Mart{\'i}nez and J Sanchez-Moreno and Jos{\'e} Manuel Goikolea and Antoni Benabarre and Francesc Colom and Eduard Vieta},
  journal={The Journal of clinical psychiatry},
  volume={69 2},
OBJECTIVE Little is known regarding the impact of psychotic symptoms on the cognitive functioning of bipolar patients. Findings from previous reports are controversial and mainly focused on current psychotic symptoms. The main aim of this study was to ascertain whether the history of psychotic symptoms was associated with greater cognitive impairment in euthymic bipolar patients. METHOD Sixty-five euthymic bipolar disorder patients (DSM-IV criteria; 35 with a history of psychotic symptoms and… CONTINUE READING


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